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Membership Request

  • Researchers membership applications are evaluated by the Steering Committee of the Network.
  • New membership applications for partners and students are treated by the scientific direction.
  • A favorable decision is made on the basis of potential scientific contribution to the Network and the link between the applicant's research expertise and the Network's mission as well as current or future collaborations with QPHRN's members.
  • Three years renewable term.

Regular researcher member

Regular researcher members must hold a PhD (or equivalent), hold a position of researcher or teacher in a Quebec university or college institution or in health and social services and work in priority on research topics within the Network’s strategic groups. Other professionals can also meet the conditions to become a regular researcher member: please consult the common general rules of the FRQ (pp. 5-7) to determine whether you are eligible.

Associate researcher member

Associate members are persons involved in population health research activities or use population health research results, but do not actively participate in the Network’s activities. They can be a clinician, a professional, a worker, a manager, a decision maker or an independent researcher as FRQS rules whose research themes are not represented in the strategic groups of the Network. They may be outside Quebec. They can attend the General Assembly but cannot vote. They do not have access to the Network competitions.

Student member

Student member must be studying at Masters, PhD or post-doctoral level in Quebec, whose research theme deals with population health and who are supervised by a regular researcher member of our Network.


No condition. 


The Network’s membership provides the following benefits:

Regular researcher’s members have access to regular activity programs and research support provided by the Network. They are part of the Members' Assembly and entitled to vote at the general assembly.

Associate members may participate in the Members' Assembly (but not vote).

Student members have access to the programs of activities and research support provided by the Network. They can participate in the Members' Assembly (but not vote).

Subscribers: will receive the Network newsletters and informations linked to population health research.


In order to maintain their membership in the Network, regular researcher members shall:

  • Participate in the Network’s scientific events;
  • Participate in our Network’s various committees and development;
  • Participate, as required, in the preparation of the Network's renewal applications;
  • Share their research topics with the leaders of our Network’s strategic groups to which they relate
  • Participate, as required, to the scientific evaluation of requests for research support of the Network;
  • Participate in the general assemblies of members;
  • Provide information annually on their scientific output resulting from the Network’s support;
  • Recognize the financial contribution of the Network in any scientific activity that follows.

Associate and student members must:

  • Provide information on their scientific output resulting from the Network’s support;
  • Recognize the financial contribution of the Network in any scientific activity that follows.

The absence of any scientific activity or participation in the Network's usual activities for a period of two years may lead to a change or loss of membership of the Network.

Consult our Charter for more information.

Response times

Applications for a student, associate and subscriber status will be processed in one to two weeks following online submission. Regular members applications must be reviewed and accepted by the Steering committee, which meets every two months; this means that response time may significantly increase. The next meeting will take place on June, 16th, 2020. Any application sent after June 14th will not be evaluated until September 2020. Persons who want to submit an application to the QPHRN competitions must have received an official confirmation of their membership. Eligibility criteria and validity of membership will not be checked before the end of the competitions deadlines. Unvalid or non-finalized membership will lead to the rejection of applications.


Any member who no longer wish to be part of the Network must submit his withdrawal letter or email to the scientific director of the QPRHN.

Online application form: click here

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