Emeritus Population Health Researcher Award


  • The Emeritus Researcher Award aims to acknowledge the distinguished career of a Quebec researcher in the field of population and public health including health services and policy as well as health and society.
  • The prize will be awarded to a Quebec researcher who has been distinguished by the quality of his/her research, his/her teaching and student supervision, and the knowledge transfer of his/her research findings towards the betterment of population health. The recipient will havebeen influential not only in Quebec but nationally and internationally. He or she will have contributed in a significant way towards the enhancement of research in population health, health services and policy or health and society.
  • All Network members may submit the name of a researcher for this award. The Emeritus researcher does not have to be a member of the Network.
  • Recipient is elected by the Board of Directors of the Network on the recommendation of an independent jury, after a rigorous review of nominations submitted by peers.

Value price

  • a plaque
  • a work of art

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List of recipients 2006 - 2016

2016 - Award winner

Prof. Maria Victoria Zunzunegui (UdeM)

2015 - Award winner

Dr. Michel Alary (U. Laval)

2014 - Award winner

Professor André-Pierre Contandriopoulos, (U. de Montréal)

Program 2015 (In french)

Presentation  and pictures of the event (In french)

2013 - Recognition Award

Dr Gilles Paradis

On November 27th 2013, during its General Assembly Meeting, the Network celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary. During the celebration, a Recognition Prize was also awarded to Dr Gilles Paradis in recogniction as the creator of the Network and for serving as its Scientific Director since 2002.

In recognition, he received a commemorative plaque as well as a sculpture from a well known Canadian artist.

2012 Award Winner

Dr Gaston Godin (U. Laval)

2011 Award Winner

Dr Michel O'Neill (U. Laval)

2010 Award Winner

Dr Ivan Barry Pless (U. McGill)

The Network also presents two Awards of Recognition of distinguished service as Members of the Board of Directors from 2003 to 2010 to:

Dr Pierre Bergeron, Director - Axis Knowledge Sharing

Dr Joseph J. Levy, Director - Axis Internet and Health

2009 Award Winners

Dr Jean-Marc Brodeur (U. de Montréal)

Dr Brodeur passed away on October 31st 2010 after a long illness.

Dr John Corbett McDonald (U. McGill)

2008 Award Winner

Dr Réjean Hébert (U. de Sherbrooke)

2007 Award Winner

Dr Margaret R. Becklake (U. McGill)

On June 15th 2011, Dr. Margaret R. Becklake, Professor Emeritus, was appointed Grande Officière de l'Ordre national du Québec. This honour recognizes Dr. Becklake's pioneering work in respiratory medicine and epidemiology. For more than 55 years, Dr. Becklake has carried out research on the occupational and environmental determinants of lung diseases. She was invested as a Member of the Order of Canada on October 10, 2008.

2006 Award Winner

Dr Raynald Pineault (U. de Montréal)