Événements Webdiffusion simultanée - IRSPUM - Implementation science and population health intervention research: Exploring intersections and the way forward

Research funding councils, such as the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, have made numerous investments in implementation science and in population health intervention research. There are some important areas of convergence in these two fields. The purpose of this presentation is to explore key points of intersection and to consider how complementary work in these two fields could be further optimized. Several examples will be used to highlight intersection parameters including drivers of inequities, contextual influences on and interactions with interventions, outcome assessment and scalability. Suggestions for an emergent research agenda will be proposed.

En association avec l’ ESPUM, Nancy Edwards Directrice scientifique, ISPP des IRSC Professeure titulaire, École des sciences infirmières, Université d’Ottawa

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Lucie Richard Directrice, IRSPUM et professeure titulaire, Faculté des sciences infirmières, UdM

Roxane Borgès Da Silva Chercheuse, IRSPUM et professeure adjointe, Faculté des sciences infirmières, UdM

23 septembre, 2015 de 12 h à 13 h



Pavillon 7101, av. du Parc – Salle 3165-2, Laboratoire de transfert des connaissances

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