Webinaires EEnet Webinar - Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (OSDUHS): Experts discuss concerns and positive trends

While research shows that use of alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis continue to decline among Ontario students, there has been an increase in their use of cough and cold medicine, and their rate of driving after cannabis use is twice the rate of drinking after drinking.

These findings and others from CAMH’s latest Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (OSDUHS), which this year marks its 40th anniversary, were presented during a webinar that featured the members of the research team. 

Hosted by the Provincial System Support Program (PSSP) at CAMH hosted, the webinar provided an overview of the findings to 357 participants from Ontario’s healthcare, public health, education, social services and government sectors.

See the OSDUHS interactive infographic and download the full report. You can also watch the webinar recording and download the slides.