Stages Post-Doc Fellow, The O’Neill-Lancet Commission on Racism and Structural Discrimination and Global Health

Georgetown’s O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law is seeking post-doc fellow to work with the O’Neill-Lancet Commission on Racism and Structural Discrimination and Global Health (“The Commission”) and its Thematic Working Groups. Working with the Commission co-chairs and Secretariate staff, the post-doc fellow will play a significant role in providing technical support and guidance to the work of the Commission and its thematic working groups, achieving the mandate and objectives.

In this role, the post-doc fellow must possess an in-depth knowledge of the global community of actors and initiatives at the forefront of researching or working to address racism in global health, which includes, but is not limited to, international and national non-governmental organizations and other members of civil society, governmental institutions, members of academia, community activists including health care workers and human rights lawyers, and youth and indigenous led movements.

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