Soutien au renforcement des capacités de recherche / Formation Free online course - Research Methods for the Study of Climate Change and Health

Offered by the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health

About This Course

The changing climate is resulting in increased health impacts and complications. In this course you will learn how these impacts can be analysed and understood by learning about:

  • Sources of population health data and methods to collect data relevant to climate change and health 
  • Analysis methods that are uniquely used within climate change and health research
  • Data modelling techniques that can be used to predict malaria cases and crop yields and how these methods can help identify strategies for adaptation and mitigation

You will learn from a multidisciplinary team comprising experts in the field through a combination of online lectures which provide real-life studies. In many cases you will be able to practice analysing data using an example data set. 

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn or is interested in conducting research on the impacts of climate change and human health. The methods introduced in this course are state-of-the-art and are being used in multiple settings in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa.