Publications CLIMIGRANT: An educational resource about climate change, human movements and health

Publication du résumé de l'affiche présentée par Lisa Merry (UdeM, responsable de l'axe Santé mondiale du RRSPQ) lors de la dernière conférence européenne de santé publique (16th European Public Health Conference 2023 Our Food, Our Health, Our Earth: A Sustainable Future for Humanity Dublin, Ireland 8–11 November 2023). 


Lisa Merry, Matthew Hunt, Thierry Hurlimann et Tzvetelina Tzoneva



Climate change in combination with other social, economic, and political factors, can result in population displacement, relocation or migration, which may be forced or may be a voluntary adaptation strategy. For some, however, moving is not an option due to a lack of access to resources, capacity and power. These experiences have implications for health. Our objective was to develop an educational resource to raise awareness about climate change and their impacts on human movement and health.


This project was an initiative of the Quebec Population Health Research Network, in Quebec, Canada. A survey was distributed to 28 network members who have diverse expertise, including migration, climate change, environmental sciences, law, ethics, and public health, to identify key themes and messages to convey, and to gather supporting references and materials. A workshop was subsequently held with 10 survey participants to brainstorm ideas for the content, approach and format. A core working group then developed CLIMIGRANT in consultation and collaboration with a number of experts.


Two illustrated stories (for a general public, including children) and an online course (for students, frontline workers, researchers and other stakeholders) were developed in English and French (available at Each provides an overview of how climate induced disasters or environment changes can result in inequitable and complex situations regarding migration/relocation. They also highlight the number of health consequences, both physical and psychological, and challenges related to addressing these. Solutions for prevention and adaptation are presented as well. The resource illustrates how anyone can be affected by climate change, regardless of where they live and conveys a message of solidarity and collective responsibility.


CLIMIGRANT can be used to inform and educate a broad population on climate change, human movement and health.

Key messages
  • A diversity of methods can be used to raise awareness about climate change, human movements and health.
  • Anyone, anywhere can be impacted and displaced by climate change and we all have a role to play in addressing climate change and its impacts.