Publications Publication - “In My Mind, It Was Just Temporary”: A Qualitative Study of the Impacts of Cancer on Men and Their Strategies to Cope

Une publication soutenue par le Réseau suite au concours de soutien à la publication scientifique 2022-2023 parue dans American Journal of Men’s Health. 2024;18(1)

Auteurs et autrices

Corentin Montiel , Nathalie Bedrossian, André Myre, Asher Kramer, Alexia Piché, Meghan H. Mcdonough, Catherine M. SabistonAnika Petrella, Lise Gauvin, et Isabelle Doré.


Individuals who are diagnosed and treated for cancer use a variety of strategies to manage its impacts. However, there is currently a lack of research on men’s experience with managing cancer impacts, which is necessary to better support them throughout the cancer care continuum. This study explored the experience of men diagnosed with cancer, focusing on the impacts of the illness and its treatment and men’s strategies to cope. A qualitative descriptive design was used. Thirty-one men (Mage = 52.7 [26–82] years) diagnosed with various cancer types were recruited to take part in individual telephone interviews (n = 14) or online focus groups (n = 17) addressing the impacts of cancer and strategies they used to cope with these impacts. Directed content analysis was performed, using Fitch’s (2008) supportive care framework to guide the analysis. Cancer impacts and strategies used to cope were classified into six categories: physical, psychological, interpersonal, informational, practical, and spiritual. Results indicate that the cancer experience is diverse and multifaceted rather than homogeneous. Medical and supportive care services could be more effectively personalized to meet the diversity of men’s needs by adopting a comprehensive and holistic approach to supportive care. Working in partnership with patients, it appears promising to recognize and identify men’s needs and match them to appropriate resources to provide truly supportive care.