Webinaires Webinar recording - Screening Tools for Population Health, Finding a Way to Help

If you are active in the stock market, you are likely familiar with stock screeners -- software tools that allow you to sort through the hundreds of thousands of stocks and mutual funds. These stock screeners are offered by all the top brands, Morningstar, Fidelity, eTrade, et al, and they help you identify stocks that meet a certain profile. These tools leverage technology and data to help you make decisions about where to invest.
This same capability is now becoming available in healthcare. It’s enabled by scientifically-derived predictive models, the latest electronic data capture technology, and a confluence of claim and clinical data, that until recently was considered closer to science fiction than reality.
The arrival of these new screening tools could not be better timed. The Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality found that just one percent of the population accounts for 21 percent of all health care spending in the United States. These are people with multiple conditions who often lack the knowledge or resources to seek out the care they need when they need it. As a result, they end up seeking care well after the onset of their medical condition, often ending up in the Emergency Room, which is the least efficient and most expensive option. They need our help. The challenge is to find them quickly and reach out to them proactively.