Soutien à la recherche et concours Healthy and Productive Work – Partnership Development Grants CIHR (EN/FR)

Canadian workplaces are a reflection of our society. The number of people with disabilities, chronic conditions, and work-related health issues is growing. Further, more and more working Canadians are devoting considerable time and energy to caregiving responsibilities. For some Canadians, physical and mental health issues and disabilities are a barrier to entering the workforce; for those who are already employed, they can be a barrier to sustaining meaningful work.

Employers are grappling with changing skills requirements and the challenges of accommodating their employees’ needs as they strive to develop and retain their workforces. Responding to these challenges demands expertise from across disciplines and fields of research and requires linkages with academic and non-academic stakeholders. Workers, employers, policy-makers, regulators, clinicians, insurers, service providers, workplace safety and insurance boards, unions, professional associations, and other stakeholders face challenges and opportunities as they adapt to the unique health needs and characteristics of the 21st century workforce.