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Harm reduction :

Aims to reduce the negative health, social, and economic consequences associated with substance use without necessarily leading to cessation of a substance.

This webinar :

  • is the first of a two-part series focusing on harm reduction;
  • will provide a foundational overview of harm reduction. You’ll learn about:
  • the evidence supporting a harm reduction approach to substance use, and
  • how you can apply harm reduction to your work.
  • is being co-hosted by the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and CAMH Provincial System Support Program’s Opioid Resource Hub.


Wednesday April 20th, 2016 11:00 am-12:00 pm (EDT)


Walter Cavalieri, MSc, MSW, Co-Founder/Director, Canadian Harm Reduction Network

Who should attend 

Nurses including RN, NP and Nursing Students, primary care providers, public health and health promotion professionals, other allied health-care providers and policy makers.

For more information

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