Publications Leaving Some Behind: What Happens When Workers Get Sick - Institute for Research and Health Policy

How is Canada doing in supporting the employment and income needs of workers and families when they experience a major health issue? As Canada’s workforce ages and policy-makers strive towards a more inclusive labour market it is important to consider how employers and public policy support individuals through different periods of life involving challenges related to health and care. To address these issues the Institute for Research on Public Policy convened a roundtable in Ottawa on June 17, 2015, with representatives from government, academia, business, labour and health.2 That discussion and this paper focus attention on issues at two levels:

  1. How effectively Canada’s broad array of job protection, sickness insurance, and employment and income support programs are designed to help individuals and families deal with a major health shock; and
  2. How these various programs address the specific needs of populations with episodic, chronic or intermittent illnesses and diseases.