Événements The 16th Population Health Colloquium

Everyone in health care is talking about population health. These two simple words -- Population Health -- describe a systematic approach to promote wellness and prevention, manage chronic diseases, and generally improve the health and wellbeing of our citizens. Because of the complex interplay of social, behavioral and economic factors that influence health, practicing population health requires lots of teamwork across groups that may not typically talk to one another, let alone attempt to work together.

Many population health programs and initiatives are underway, frequently by organizations trying to figure out "what population health is" along the way! One thing is clear -- population health is changing the landscape of health and healthcare delivery. Unprecedented provider collaborations and public-private partnerships, with the help of robust analytics and information sharing networks, are creating a new foundation that can transform care delivery and promote greater engagement and interaction.

The push toward providing consumers with on demand, seamlessly coordinated high quality services is paving the way for a disruptive, exciting and eventful time in the industry. The Sixteenth National Population Health Colloquium has assembled a stellar lineup including some of the foremost thought leaders who are helping us navigate through this revolutionary transition.

This 3-day conference will bring together healthcare providers, payers, the pharmaceutical industry, leading technology and solutions companies, academia and government to share best practices, case studies, expert insights and industry trends.