Appels à communication 2023 Canadian Conference on Global Health - From rhetoric to action: moving policy, research, and practice

The nature of global health is arguably centered on health equity, inclusivity, and research and practice. Global health addresses transnational health issues, is multidisciplinary, and takes a multisectoral approach. Each of these aspects, in addition to other aspects inherent to global health, have been studied, considered, and discussed to varying degrees. For example, there are numerous epidemiological studies mapping the prevalence of HIV, TB, malaria, and so forth, but we know that these diseases and other global health challenges exist. Prioritizing continued publication and discussion of such issues, although valuable, may not always translate into practice. Now what is often missing is an emphasis on moving from rhetoric to action. What do we need to do next to take the knowledge we have to advance policy, research, and practice in light of resource constraints and lack of political will? We are at an opportune time to consider how we can act in our roles as scientists, practitioners, clinicians, advocates, citizens, and many others, to deliver evidence-informed and tangible outcomes. We invite you to join us in considering how we can turn rhetoric in global health - whether that be in terms of program and policy implementation, practice, or advocacy - into action to deliver positive results to the beneficiaries of global health efforts.

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS : the application deadline is June 7, 2023.

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