Événements Paris: Atelier sur l'économie de la santé et l'évaluation des politiques - 5th IRDES-Dauphine workshop on applied health economics and policy evaluation

The 5th IRDES-DAUPHINE Workshop on Applied Health Economics and Policy Evaluation, will take place in Paris, France, on June 20th-21st, 2019. The workshop is organized by IRDES, Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics, and the Chaire Santé Dauphine.

The workshop will cover the following topics, with an emphasis on Public Policies analysis and evaluation:

  • Social Health Inequalities
  • Health Services Utilization
  • Insurance
  • Health Services Delivery and Organization
  • Specific Populations: The Elderly, Migrants, High Needs-High Costs Patients, Low Income Households…